British blokes are ‘too macho’ to wear sun tan lotion

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A third of British blokes NEVER wear sun tan lotion, according to new research.

The shock study of 3,000 men by Superdrug revealed one in ten are too macho to protect themselves from the dangers of the sun, because it’s ‘girly’.

A further four in ten blame their ignorance on forgetfulness.

One in five said they would rather burn to a crisp than feel ‘greasy’ in sun cream and one in three said they ‘never burn’ so don’t need to wear it.

Other excuses blokes use to avoid wearing sun protection include ‘I have olive skin’, ‘I won’t look manly’ and ‘I don’t have a partner to buy it for me’.

Martin Crisp, Superdrug Superintendent Pharmacist, which commissioned the research said: ”While we might not find it particularly surprising that men aren’t wearing sun cream, the findings are incredibly worrying.

”There is no excuse for ignorance when it comes to sun protection – the dangers of sitting out in the sunshine for any length of time without the appropriate high factor sun creams are very real.

”Even a child could probably tell you why you shouldn’t go outside without covering yourself up or slapping on the sun cream.

”This summer is our fifth year of campaigning to educate Brits on the importance of being safe in the sun and we’re going to use this research to target men with advice.”

The study also showed four in ten men only ever use sun cream when they are holidaying abroad.

More than a third of blokes adopt a ‘the sun isn’t as hot in the UK’ approach while 15 per cent think the sun is ‘more damaging abroad’.

Four out of ten men said they didn’t bother with sun cream in the UK because they didn’t sunbathe, while 53 per cent said they were happy taking their top off on hot days.

A further nine out of ten men always wear shorts when not at work during the summer months and half usually leave the house without thinking to wear a hat or cap.

Incredibly, 37 per cent of men always try to ensure they are basking in the sunshine during the hottest part of the day (11am to 3pm) to make the most of the good weather.

Unsurprisingly, 66 per cent of blokes have burned while in the UK with 32 per cent falling asleep in the sun.

And seven out of ten men have been burned abroad – with 23 per cent admitting it was because they didn’t wear any sun cream.

Martin Crisp added: ”We would urge British men to think twice before going outside without wearing sun creams which can protect against harmful UV rays – regardless of whether they are in the UK or abroad.

”This summer we are offering completely free skin cancer risk assessments at all our pharmacies and urge men to pop in and have a chat with a pharmacist or nurse about their own personal sun regime.

”When the sun’s out everyone wants to have fun, but it doesn’t take much to be safe.

”And, let’s face facts there’s nothing more embarrassing than going into work with a bright red burnt face the money after a hot weekend in the sun.”

1.    I never think to buy sun tan lotion
2.    I don’t burn
3.    Sun lotion feels too greasy
4.    I like a good tan
5.    Too busy to think about it
6.    Sun cream is girly
7.    I have olive skin
8.    I don’t look manly
9.    I don’t have a partner to buy sun cream for me
10.    I’m too busy putting lotion on the children

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