Me-ow high? Britain’s tallest cat towers above the above moggies… at 17 inches tall

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Britain’s tallest cat was today revealed to be a five-year-old stray – who stands at an astonishing 17 inches tall.

Statuesque black and white cat Judas was set to be put down by a vet after he was abandoned by his owner.

Workers at animal charity Happy Endings offered to take him in – but were left stunned when the huge moggy arrived at their rescue centre.

Britain's tallest cat Judas looks down on a fellow moggy at the rescue centre where he is staying

Britain’s tallest cat Judas looks down on a fellow moggy at the rescue centre where he is staying

Judas, who has been cared for by staff for nine months, stands at eight inches taller than the average domestic cat.

He tips the scales at a staggering 1st 6lb – more than double the weight of his feline friends.

Heather Jordan, manager of Happy Endings in Ospringe, Kent, said she was amazed by Judas’ huge height.

She said: “We have cats of all shapes and sizes, but this cat is huge. We were nervous of him at first.

“He is intimidating because he is so big. But he is as sweet as anything with other cats.

“I would say he is one-and-a-half times the size of a normal cat. I have never seen a cat like him.

“He is not fat, just really big. He has to be carried in the dog crate because he does not fit in the cat crate.”

Heather added that the charity had rescued Judas nine months ago, after he was taken into a vet in Orpington, Kent.

She said: “They were going to put him to sleep. He was perfectly healthy but his owner did not want him any more so we took him in here. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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