Britain’s smallest church holds its only annual service… and it’s standing room only

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This was the remarkable scene as Britain’s smallest church held its only annual service – with most of the congregation spilling outside.

More than 50 people showed up at Bremilham Church near Malmesbury, Wilts., which measures just 4m (13ft 1ins) x 3.4m (11ft 1ins).

But the building is so small that only the organist and vicar could fit inside – leaving the rest of the flock sitting outside in the glorious Bank Holiday sunshine.

People gather for the annual service at Britain's tiniest church, in the glorious bank holiday sunshine

People gather for the annual service at Britain’s tiniest church, in the glorious bank holiday sunshine

Reverend Christopher Bryan conducted the 30-minute service, which was held to honour the start of the annual Rogationtide growing season.

The reverend said: “The church is so small you can only really fit the organist and the vicar inside, and even I had to stand in the doorway.

“It was great fun, particularly as the weather was good. You’re stood on a little hill in the middle of glorious farmland.”

The church, which was consecrated 30 years ago, has a single pew, which can seat just four people.

Afterwards there was a small party organised by the church’s owner, Bindy Collins, who lives on the Cowage Farm.

She said: “We have to pay for the upkeep of the church, it’s in the deeds of the farm, but we like to keep it as a church.

“Both of our children were christened there. My youngest grandchild was christened there in 1992 and my husband was buried there.”

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