Britain’s oldest female McDonald’s worker has celebrated her 75th birthday and is still lovin’ it – eating there EVERY day

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Britain’s oldest female McDonald‘s worker has celebrated her 75th birthday and is still lovin’ it – eating there EVERY day.

McDonald's employee 75 year old Muriel Haggerty at work in Sunderland's High Street West restaurant (SWNS Group)

McDonald’s employee 75 year old Muriel Haggerty at work in Sunderland’s High Street West restaurant (SWNS Group)

Great-grandmother Muriel Haggerty is the eighth member of her family to work at the fast food chain – but only started working there when she was 60 and hated retirement.

Having left her job in a factory, she decided to apply as a customer care manager in the chain’s Sunderland city centre restaurant and has been there for the last 15 years.

She says she eats the fast food every day and will even go in on her days off.

Her favourite food is the pulled pork wrap, which was recently introduced to the menu.

Muriel, from Concord, near Sunderland, says the job has given her a new lease of life and she has no plans to retire.

“I retired and I was bored,” she said. “My granddaughter Louise told me to come to McDonald‘s. I had the interview on the Thursday and started on the Monday.

RPY_MCDONALDS_PENSIONER_01“I get bored on my days off and I love talking to the kids. It’s the kids and the atmosphere and it’s a great team. We have a laugh and it keeps me active.

“I have McDonald‘s food every day I’m in. Even when I was off the other day I still came on for my meal.”

Europe’s oldest McDonald‘s worker is believed to be 90-year-old Bill Dudley, who works at the restaurant in Mold, Flintshire.

Muriel has two children, Kevin, 52, and Julie, 49, and has 15 great-grandchildren.

Store owner Jasper Maudsley, who runs 10 restaurants in the area, said that Muriel’s story dispels the myth that only young people work for the chain.

“Muriel is an incredibly valued member of the team and our regular customers and crew members alike are all very fond of her,” he said.

“It’s always been perceived as a young person’s job, working at McDonald‘s.

“But each of our restaurants has at least one member of staff over 60. Some have been with us for years and some have just started.”

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