Britain’s Most Annoying Boyfriend Bombarded His Long-Suffering Girlfriend With Hilarious Puns

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Britain’s most annoying boyfriend has released a hilarious clip of him bombarding his long-suffering girlfriend – with a string of hilarious puns.

Callum Kelly, 29, films clips of himself winding up his long-term girlfriend Roxie Alves, 27, with bad puns and props – and this time took his tirade abroad.

He filmed a new video while on holiday in Ponte de Blaca, Portugal last week.

In the footage, he told Roxie “stop treating me like a dummy” in front of a shop mannequin, and “you’re driving me crazy” as a car passes.

And he asked “why do I feel like there’s a barrier between us?” as she stood in front of a barricade.

Annoying boyfriend Callum Kelly and his long suffering girlfriend Roxie Alves

Callum said Roxie, a child care worker from Camden, north London, sees the funny side of his antics.

The couple have been together for five years, and he recently started making the clips after a trip to DIY superstore B&Q.

He posted a video in the shop in which he used props as puns.

They included telling her “stop brushing your feelings aside baby” as he clutched a broom, and “are my jokes getting a bit rusty?” while holding a can of WD40.

Callum, a domestic appliance engineer of Enfield, north London, said: “We have been here for ten nights.

“With my girlfriend, but I don’t know how much longer she’ll stick around after that video.

“I have actually done another video, and that went viral. I thought I would do another one.

“And she is getting wound up even more.

“It was just on Facebook. I posted it Monday and it’s on 100,000 views.

“She is loving it. When I record it she hates it. She finds it funny at the end.”

He added: “One day we were out at B&Q and I started doing it, and put it up online. And everyone reacted to it.

“It was exactly the same thing, a lot of puns here and there, with items I was picking up. That went a bit mad.

“So I thought I would continue my streak.

“A lot of those things spring to mind quite quickly for me, so I thought I would do another one. And here we are.

“I do like winding her up as well. She doesn’t necessarily hate it, but at the end of how many clips I do, she does get a bit frustrated.”

He posts them on Snapchat and Facebook.

Callum said: “You can imagine me going, ‘baby look at this’ numerous times. She does get a bit frustrated. But she does love it.”

Callum and Roxie putting on a united front amidst the annoying pun videos

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