Britain’s biggest freezer built in Cambridgeshire – 6.7 million times bigger than the one in your kitchen

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Britain’s biggest freezer was opened just in time for the hottest weekend of the year – a monster the size of 6.7MILLION household

The huge industrial building owned by Dutch firm Partnership Logistics stands the height of four double-decker London buses and larger than 58 tennis courts.

Used for storage of food farmed from across the region, it dwarfs
surrounding apple trees in Wisbech, Cambs., and can be seen looming on the horizon SIX MILES away.

Inside the temperatures plunge to an icy -28 degrees centigrade which requires enough insulation to cover five football pitches to keep out the blazing summer heat.

The £50 million giant took almost two years to build and will hold 77,000 pallets filled with frozen peas, chips and other vegetables grown in East Anglia.

Officals opened the doors to the freezer on the outskirts of Wisbech on the A47 between Peterborough and Kings Lynn, yesterday.

The Met Office has predicted this weekend will be the hottest of the year with sizzling temperatures in the south of England hitting 31 degrees centigrade.

Jan Marynissen, of Partner Logistics, said: ”The pupose of this building is to receive pallets from our customers.

”We will bring them into this warehouse which is very big and at -28c, is very cold.

”Then we will send it wherever they might need it in the country.”

The computerised warehouse has five cranes running up and down the main warehouse moving pallets of frozen vegetables.

It extends to an incredible 115ft in height, stretches 574ft long and 289ft wide.

Around 36,000m2 of composite insulation panels were installed to keep the inside icy cold, covering almost nine acres.

The building was built by British contracting firm Industrial Cold Stores for Partner Logistics and expected to bring around 30 jobs to the area.

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  1. Bbradshaw says:

    What type of plastic pallets can withstand your temperature settings?



  2. Kidwimpy says:

    how much did it cost ]

  3. Kidwimpy says:

    does it use a lot of electricty 

  4. Kidwimpy says:

    if it broke how much woud u pay for maintance

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