Britain ‘increasingly likely’ to leave EU as coalition rift deepens

August 10, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

Britain is increasingly likely to leave the EU before the next general election in 2015, bankers have warned.

Deepening coalition rifts, increasing EU interference and British strength make a ‘Brixit’ more plausible, according to investment bank Nomura.

Such a move would cause the coalition government to collapse with Europhile Lib Dems vehemently opposed to an independent Britain.

Pressure: The EU parliament in Brussels, pictured, is facing a ‘Brixit’ – a British exit – says an investment bank


But according to the bank, the public would vote for an exit unless there is a clear repatriation of powers from Brussels.

EU officials are pushing to scrap the hard-fought rebate and increase the annual budget while Tories want a freeze in payments to the union.

The warning from the influential bank is the first major announcement from the City of London on the issue – signalling that the financial centre is now ready to push for a British exit from the ailing EU.

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