Bride-to-be converts VW Beetle into classic Porsche

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A bride-to-be fulfilled her childhood dream of being whisked to her wedding in a classic Porsche after building one – from a clapped-out Volkswagen Beetle.

Bride-to-be converts VW Beetle into classic Porsche

Devoted Megan Ashton, 26, spent six years painstakingly transforming the 40-year-old VW into a Porsche 356 – the company’s first production model.

She spent just £200 on the wreck before stripping it down to the chassis and meticulously re-building it virtually from scratch.

The stunning vehicle now features a classy white leather interior with a mahogany finish, a 356 body shell and includes authentic steering wheel and speedometer.

Bride-to-be converts VW Beetle into classic Porsche

It also boasts an impressive top speed of over 100mph and is valued at a staggering £25,000.

And now Megan has been driven in it to her marriage ceremony, where she wed hubby Rob, 26.

Megan, an Air Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy, said: ”I loved every minute of it and it was such a special moment to be able to pull up on my wedding day in it.

”It was a close-run thing getting the car finished in the end, but after six years it was well worth it.

”There were times when I didn’t think we’d get it done in time as it was such a huge project, but it meant so much.

”I dreamed of driving the car but got carried away buying my wedding dress, which meant it was quite difficult to fit in.

”When I realised the car would be ready in time it was a real dream come true.”

The 356 was created by Ferdinand Porsche, son of company founder Dr Ing Ferdinand Porsche, who designed the Volkswagen Beetle.

It was manufactured between 1948 and 1956 and shared many parts with the Beetle to save money – making the two cars easier for Megan to fuse together.

She bought the battered 1969 VW in December 2004 as a student for just £200 and started tinkering with it.

But when Rob proposed two years ago, she was desperate to finish the project in time for her big day and spent #4,000 and every spare minute transforming it.

Bride-to-be converts VW Beetle into classic Porsche

She stripped down the original VW to the bare chassis before fitting larger cylinders and pistons to the engine, increasing it from 1285cc to 1776cc.

Only the chassis – which had to be shortened – wheels and engine remains of the original car, which was also given a new registration plate.

And on August 13, she was driven to her big day, which was held at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, Surrey, by proud dad Viv Beal, 54.

After the ceremony, Rob whizzed them to their reception seven miles away in Arborfield, Berks.

Bride-to-be converts VW Beetle into classic Porsche

Megan, of Amesbury, near Salisbury, Wilts., added: ”I know people might think it is quite unusual for a girl to be interested in cars but I have always grown up surrounded by it.

”My mum and dad have been buying various parts for the car for birthday and Christmas presents for the past 6 years so I am looking forward to getting some girly treats now.”

Dad Viv, 54, who runs a garage in Barnstaple, Devon, said: ”We’re all into classic cars and it was a very proud day for all of us.

”Megan started her Porsche replica six and a half years ago – it’s her pride and joy.”


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  1. Joy2day says:

    Bride in Volkswagen looks likes princes. Even i like Volkswagen Beetle its dashing cars.

  2. Wow, that’s nice. 🙂 The car looks stunning now. I love the color and design. She truly is a devoted one. I wonder how many more car enthusiasts will do the same for the cars they have. 🙂

  3. Clint Moore says:

    Look at the transformation! It’s a real, complete makeover. She took the time and the effort to make one herself, and the result is one hot car. She is a total rockstar 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised by this article! i am surprised with the knowledge and history she had of the two cars to make this project a do’er… what a success! great car!

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