Bride finds happiness… by marrying her lesbian maid of honour

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A runaway bride who jilted three men has finally tied the knot – with her maid of honour

Kerry De’ath, 29, ran out on her fiance Craig Smith, 32, just months before they were set to jet to Florida for the dream wedding they spent years saving for.

The bolting bride then settled down with a second love, Dave Futter, 29, for two and a half years – but left him when he popped the question.

Kerry De'ath, right, marries her partner Sarah Woodford in a civil ceremony after three failed relationships with men

Kerry De’ath, right, marries her partner Sarah Woodford in a civil ceremony after three failed relationships with men

Next she started dating Nick Farmer, 29, and the happy couple moved in together, booked their wedding and reception and even sent out all the invitations.

But her world was turned upside down when her chief bridesmaid Sarah Woodford, 33, plucked up the courage to confess her love for her – just six weeks before the big day.

Incredibly, Kerry suddenly realised why she had never been able to settle down with Mr Right – because she had been looking for Mrs Right.

Kerry ditched Nick, but delayed explaining the real reason – afraid of hurting his feelings.

Instead she moved in with her secret admirer and six months later brave Sarah proposed to Kerry, who said yes.

Relieved friends have now finally seen Kerry make it down the aisle at the couple’s no-expense-spared bash – held at the same venue where she had planned to marry a man.

The happy bride said that finally getting married had been the happiest day of her life.

She said: “I know it sounds like something out of a film, but you can’t help who you fall in love with.

Happy couple: Kerry and Sarah toast their marriage

Happy couple: Kerry and Sarah toast their marriage

The couple share a kiss after getting hitched

The couple share a kiss after getting hitched

The newlyweds sign the register in the civil ceremony

The newlyweds sign the register in the civil ceremony

“I always thought I was meant to be with a man. I suppose I just wanted to be ‘normal’.

“I settled down with men but every time they started talking about marriage something just didn’t feel right and I panicked.

“I think the thought of marriage made me question whether I truly wanted to be with them for the rest of my life. And every time it was ‘no’, but I never knew why.

“When I was making arrangements to marry Nick, Sarah sat me down on her bed and said ‘I love you’.

“I couldn’t believe it. Then she said ‘don’t marry him’.

“I had no idea how she felt. But as she said the words I started it started to feel right.

“I’d spent all that time worrying about marrying a man – when it was a woman I was looking for.

“Nick was pretty shocked when he found out, but he is alright about it now.

“My family have been great and really supportive, which was a relief because they are quite old fashioned so I was really worried.

“Despite everything, everyone just wanted to see me finally married.

“My brother even threatened to drag me down the aisle if I didn’t show up.

“Luckily I did and now I’m finally married and it’s amazing.”

Kerry from from Southend, Essex, grew up always believing she would settle down with a man and have a family.

After she met her first would-be husband, cable installer Craig Smith, the couple settled down together for 11 years and had children Ellie, 10, and George, four.

But only months before they were due to get on a plane and fly to Florida, USA, to marry at Cypres Gardens theme park, Kerry backed out.

She moved out and became romantically involved with school pal Dave Futter, a shop assistant, who she believed was ‘the one’.

But after two-and-a-half-years together Dave started talking about marriage and Kerry dumped him.

Still believing she was meant for a man, Kerry fell for Nick Farmer, a musician, who she agreed to marry after they had been together for two years.

The pair had set a date to marry at Langtons House registry office, in Hornchurch, Essex, and more than 100 invitations.

But six weeks before the wedding day Sarah asked Kerry to have an important talk with her.

Her maid of honour then dropped the bombshell she was smitten with her and begged her not to marry Nick.

Kerry says the pair clicked and instantly knew they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives – a feeling of certainty she had never had with a man.

After three failed attempts the runaway bride finally married on September 15 at Langtons House registry office in Hornchurch, Essex, watched by 140 guests.

Kerry wore a white dress with pink accessories while Sarah wore a pink suit at the native American-themed ceremony.

Sarah, who was secretly in love with Kerry for two years before finding the courage to tell her, said: “I never thought I would get the reaction I did. But now I am so glad I stopped the wedding.”

Understanding Dave Futter, 29, the second fiance Kerry jilted, wished her well for married life.

He admitted said: “I always had an inkling that Kerry liked women. But as long as she is happy, that’s all that matters.

“They seem really happy together. And we are still friends.”

Kerry’s first fiance Craig Smith, 32, was unavailable for comment.

Nick Farmer, 29, was also uncontactable.

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