Boy, 3, rescued by firemen after getting his finger stuck in a toy work bench

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Little Kyle Parker-Boyen needed a helping hand from his fire brigade heroes – when he got his finger stuck in a toy work bench.

The three year-old – wearing his favourite Fireman Sam pyjamas – was playing in his room when his mum Sarah heard him crying for help.

She dashed upstairs and found him sobbing with the index finger of his right hand jammed fast in the plastic bench and already turning purple.

Sarah Boyen with her son Kyle and the toy work bench he had to be rescued from

Sarah Boyen with her son Kyle and the toy work bench he had to be rescued from

Single Sarah, 22, spent an hour frantically trying to free him before dialling 999.

A fire crew dashed to their home in Crediton, Devon, and carefully cut tearful Kyle free with a saw.

The youngster – who wants to be a fireman when he grows up – was then cheered up by getting his own personal look around the fire engine.

Sarah, a pasty shop worker, said: “His finger was caught in one of the screw holes and he was crying.

“It was already going purple and I began to panic a bit.

“I ran to the bathroom and got some soap and tried to slip it out but that didn’t work.

“I tried to use some oil but that didn’t work either.

“I ran downstairs and got some ice to put on his finger to get the swelling down but it was still no good.

“I didn’t want to hurt him and he was really upset so the best thing for me to do was to call 999.”

Kyle did not need hospital treatment and is non the worse for his experience.

Mum-of-one Sarah added: “The firemen were really good about it and he loved going in the engine afterwards.

“Fireman Sam is his favourite so it was brilliant for them to let him do that.

“I only hope he doesn’t try to do it again just so they have to come round again.”

A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said: “It was one of the easiest jobs we’ve tackled but we’re always happy to help anyone in a jam.”

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