BNP youth leader complains that he has been ABUSED and spat on at university

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BNP youth party leader Jack Renshaw (left) while out promoting the party

BNP youth party leader Jack Renshaw (left) while out promoting the party

The leader of the BNP youth party has told of his nightmare first year at university – during which he has been constantly abused and even SPAT on because of his views.

Jack Renshaw, 19, joined the right-wing movement when he was just 15 and was elected youth liaison officer earlier this year.

He created a controversial recruitment video for the group which slammed “militant homosexuals” – and even hit out at the mum of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.

The aspiring politician claims he is regularly abused and called a “Nazi” and “fascist bastard” as he goes about his daily life at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Speaking ahead of his second year at university, he said: “I’ve been spat and I’ve been shouted at on the street.

“People know me after the BNP video.  I had a lot of trouble when I walked through Manchester, people shouted crap at me.

“It was when I was going about my daily life.  People would call me a facist bastard and I’ve been called a Nazi – I always get called that.  But I don’t mind.

“I am not surprised that, nor am I bothered that I get abuse, whether it be verbal or physical. I get it about once a week.

“Students think that they are open minded, but they are only open minded about the staff they are told to be open minded about.”

The economics and politics student joined the BNP after he became frustrated at the banking system and his perceived lack of white British people in UK cities.

He started university last September but his social life has taken a nose dive since he became poster boy for the BNP’s youth division in February.

His three-minute BNP Youth Fight Back promotional video caused outrage after it claimed gay people undermine families and accused the media of “pandering” to Baroness Lawrence.

Jack pictured in a BNP poster

Jack pictured in a BNP poster

The teenager – who wants to bring back National Service – claims he has since been spat at while in his home town of Blackpool and abused in Manchester.

But he did admit his first year as a student had forced him to socialise with gay students – even if they did “get on his nerves”.

In an exclusive interview with student newspaper The Tab, he said: “I’m not a big one for meeting new people.

“I’m not a big party person, I don’t really enjoy parties, people I socialise with tend to be people I’ve known for years, I stay in touch with people I’ve known from school and college.

“I had ethnic minority flatmates and some homosexuals, but they weren’t militant homosexuals, they don’t feel the need to make everybody know they’re homosexual.

“I’ve met plenty of homosexuals that I get on with and friends with and reason I get on with them is because they’re normal – militant homosexuality I cannot deal with, it gets on my nerves.

“I’ve sacrificed my education to campaign for the party, I spend a lot of days canvassing when I should have been studying.”

But the student, who plans to join the Army when he finishes his studies, claims he is not against diversity.

He said: “You go to France and you see French people and experience French culture.

“You go to India and see Indian people and experience the Indian culture.

“I think cultures and people should stick to their own.”

His extreme views have not only upset students but also ruffled his student union who refused to let him form a BNP society.

He added: “They said they don’t allow fascist organisations apparently. By saying that they are in fact being fascist.”

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