Blogger reveals explicit tales of gay “orgies” at Cambridge University

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A bisexual blogger has launched an explosive online diary revealing explicit tales of gay ”orgies” and ”tutor rendezvous” – at Cambridge University.

Bisexual blogger reveals explicit tales of gay ''orgies'' and ''tutor rendezvous'' at Cambridge University

The controversial blog follows in the footsteps of Belle de Jour’s ‘Secret Diary of a London Call Girl’ and the outrageous tales of the ‘Oxbridge Sex Blogger’.

In his explicit blog ‘The Secret Diary of a Cambridge Boy’ an anonymous student called Joseph Jezebel promises to expose university life not seen in the prospectus.

His first diary entry ‘The Birth of a Queen’ reveals a ”euphoric” gay fling with a Downing College student following a drink-fuelled party.

Joseph describes the sexual encounter in detail and promises more tales of ”real life sexual escapades” involving ”orgies” and ”tutor rendezvous” at the university.

Speaking to online student newspaper The Cambridge Tab, Joseph promised a ‘raunchy’ real-life expose of life as a bisexual student at the university.

He said: ”I thought it would be a good expose into the underground side of Cambridge – what it doesn’t tell you in the prospectus.

”I will always be very frank with the blog, just as I was with the first post, and I won’t hold back with my descriptions of sex, etc.

”I guess as I built up my confidence with guys, my encounters got more raunchy, and therefore so will the blog.I think people are too prudish, and this needs to change.

”I’m not ashamed of my sexuality. But I’d like to stay anonymous as it’s not something that I’m going to put at the top of my CV.

”Boringly I wouldn’t want it to affect my graduate job prospects as naturally people would have pre-conceptions of me if they had read the blog.

”Also, if I outed myself, then it may also out my conquests, which wouldn’t be very fair now, would it? Anyway, I think it makes it a little more exciting.”

Earlier this year readers were stunned reading the ‘Sex at Oxbridge’ blog which described a female student losing her virginity and detailing the genitalia of different lovers.

Joseph’s first blog called ‘The birth of a Queen’ was uploaded on Sunday November 13.

He writes: I’ve decided that now is the time to tell the story of my double life, my bisexuality, and the real life sexual escapades I have encountered whilst studying at the prestigious, world renowned University of Cambridge……think orgies, think tutor rendezvous’, think explicit, think love.”

In his first blog Joseph describes getting ”pissed” at a Friday night party held at Queens College in his first term at Cambridge University.

The blogger revealed he ”froze” as when he first laid eyes on a fellow student with ”big brown eyes, full lips, and stocky physique”.

Joseph claimed he ”brushed my hand against his ass” and admitted he was ”venturing into the unknown” and ”riding high”.

The pair swapped phone numbers and later that night arranged to meet in Downing College Gardens where they kissed on a bench in a secluded spot under a tree.

Joseph started caressing the student, called Matt for purposes of the blog, before fleeing when his illicit lover asked him to slow down.

One homosexual student at Corpus Christi College told The Tab online newspaper that the blogger should be unmasked.

He said: ”It’s a shame that the blog is anonymous, no one should be ashamed of being gay, especially in a place like Cambridge where students are generally pretty open-minded.”

The blog follows the appearance last year of the Oxbridge Sex blogger who hit the headlines when she spilled all on topics like ‘how good Blues really are in the sack’ and which nationalities were her favourite in bed.

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