The bizarre moment a cop uses a speed gun on a 130-year-old STEAM ENGINE

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This is the hilarious moment a policeman uses a high-tech speed radar gun to clock a 130-year-old STEAM ENGINE.

The surreal picture was snapped in Dudley, West Mids., while Pc Ian Priest was on a routine speed patrol in the town centre.

Pc Priest can be seen aiming the radar gun – usually used to catch motorists breaking the speed limit – at the century-old traction engine as it trundles up the street.

The bizarre moment a policeman uses a speedgun on steam engine

The bizarre moment a policeman uses a speedgun on steam engine

The vintage vehicle – which boasts a top speed of around four mph – was travelling along Stone St in the centre of the Black Country town, which has a 30mph speed limit.

Dudley Police tweeted the picture from its official account yesterday with the caption: “Not sure Pc Ian Priest was expecting a steam engine to pass him by whilst conducting a pro-laser speed op in Dudley.”

Shoppers saw the unusual spectacle unfold last week during the peak lunchtime period.

One said: “It was quite a sight – you normally expect to see them pointing the laser guns at souped-up boy racer cars, not a steam engine.

“He wasn’t going very fast – he was more likely to hold the traffic up than break the speed limit.

Traction steam engines – often called road locomotives – became popular in Britain from the 1850s.

The metal-wheeled vehicles were used to tow heavy equipment and usually travel at around 3-4mph.

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