Bizarre ‘Double Decker’ Car Pile-Up At Kirkcaldy Train Station

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Car parking catastophe at Kirkcaldy railway station, January 10, 2017.

Car parking catastrophe at Kirkcaldy railway station, January 10, 2017.

This is the bizarre moment a car ended up getting a piggyback from another vehicle in a train station car park.

It seems that one driver was a bit too eager to make the train to work yesterday (Tue) after one car seemingly parked on top of another.

In an unexplained series of events, the silver Mazda Speed was spotted with its rear end sitting on top of the roof and bonnet of a white Volkswagen Golf.

And to make matters worse, a large sign saying “parking out of bays is an offence” toppled over next to the cars at Kirkcaldy railway station in Fife.

Fellow commuters took the opportunity to upload pictures of the strange scene to social media yesterday.

On Facebook, Margie Robertson captioned the image: “How’s this for parking?”

Matt Maclachlan uploaded the image to Twitter, saying: “Kirkcaldy train station car park today. How? Just how?”

swns_carpark_catastophe_17Craig Robertson posted: “Some dodgy parky at the train station in Kirkcaldy.”

A leaflet asking the owner of the Mazda to contact Police Scotland was left under the windscreen.

Police have confirmed that nobody was injured and an investigation is underway.

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