Bingo players stunned after prankster interrupts game wearing only SPEEDOS

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Elderly bingo players were given a Kelly’s Eye-ful after their game was interrupted by this prankster – wearing only SPEEDOS.

Shayan Shayegani, 21, showed off his legs eleven as he danced around the hall in just a pair of tight swimming shorts.

Shayan – nickname Speedo Shy – pumped out trance music as he danced around stunned pensioners at a bingo night.

Prankster Shayan Shayegani, aka Speedo Shy, prepares his next prank

Prankster Shayan Shayegani, aka Speedo Shy, prepares his next prank

Wearing nothing but small black ‘Budgie smugglers’ and sunglasses the Canterbury Christ Church student ran into the Connaught bingo club in Thanet, Kent.

He also pranced in his swimmers at a Saxon Shore Wetherspoons, a bowling alley and various supermarkets.

He racked up more than 19,000 likes on his Facebook page and the YouTube video ‘when the beat drops in public’ has already received more than a thousand views.

He said: “I do it for a laugh, you know. I like interrupting people’s daily routine.

“I spoke to some of those women afterwards who said they’d been going to bingo every week for 40 years and this was the best fun they’d ever had.

“I didn’t hurt anyone, it wasn’t rude – it was just a laugh. I’ve got loads of ideas for new stunts.”

The Connaught bingo club manager said: “He just appeared from nowhere and danced down the main hall, turned around and disappeared out of the front door.

“All the customers cheered. He certainly put a smile on their faces.

“It was fortunate that he didn’t turn up 10 minutes earlier as we were playing The National Game for £250,000 and his stunt would have seriously disrupted the game.”

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