Big-hearted McDonalds worker hands out 60 burgers to homeless

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The heartwarming video of a McDonald’s worker handing out 60 cheeseburgers to homeless people has gone viral.

Robert Aiken (SWNS)

Kind-hearted Robert Aitken, 24, splashed out £70 of his own money to buy meals from colleagues behind the counter before serving up burgers and fries to those in need.

A picture showing Robert doing his good deed has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook – and has since seen a donation page set up to continue his work.

Robert, who works part-time for both mobile firm EE and McDonald’s, had grown concerned over the plight of rough sleepers neat the shops where he works.

He had previously bought sandwiches and drinks for rough sleepers before giving out burgers in Edinburgh.

Robert, from Glenrothes, Fife, said: “I’ve thought about doing what I did for some time and I’m so glad I did.

“My aim is to raise awareness of these people and what some of them have gone through.

“Homeless people are human beings, they’ve got feelings and want exactly the same as everyone else.

“Whenever I’m out shopping in Edinburgh, if I see a homeless person I will stop and buy them a sandwich and a drink. I think nothing of it.

“I never give them money because you don’t know what they are doing with it, but by giving them food it always makes me feel better about myself because at least I know they’ve eaten something.”

Robert Aitken during his good deed out feeding homeless people in Edinburgh city centre (SWNS)

Robert bought the burgers from the chain’s restaurant on Princes Street in Edinburgh last Friday.

After spending time chatting with rough sleeper called Davie, generous Robert decided to launch an online fundraising campaign.

He said: “Davie was a veteran who had served his country for 13 years but had to leave because he has post traumatic stress disorder.

“It really touched my heart and just shows that some of these people are in this position through no fault of their own.”

Robert has so far raised more than £2,000 on his JustGiving page, despite having a target of just £500.

The donations mean he’ll be able to carry on giving out burgers and fries.

Robert Aitken’s Justgiving page where he is raising money for the homeless (Robert Aitken / SWNS)

He said: “I decided to come through to Edinburgh because you often see the homeless sitting on the streets but in Glenrothes you don’t.

“I’m overwhelmed with the amount of times my post has been shared online, it’s insane and I’m so thankful to everyone that has donated to my JustGiving Page.

“By setting up the page I was hoping for a just a few hundred pounds and a couple of shares on Facebook page – I still can’t believe what’s happened.

“The feedback I’ve received it great and I will continue to help the homeless in Edinburgh, spending the money people have donated for them on more food.”

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