Big Brother Marco Pierre White Jnr in court on drug-driving charges

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Evicted Big Brother contestant Marco Pierre White jr was fined today (Tues) when he admitted being in charge of a car while four-times over the drug-drive limit after snorting cocaine at a party.

Big Brother star Marco Pierre White Jnr (left) arrives at court to face drug-driving charges (SWNS)

Big Brother star Marco Pierre White Jnr (left) arrives at court to face drug-driving charges (SWNS)

The eyes of the 21-year-old model, the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, were like pin pricks and his behaviour was ‘erratic and twitchy’ when he was spoken to be cops.

Today he appeared at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court after becoming the first celebrity to be voted out of the “reality” show after just 11 days in the house.

Plainclothes officers in an unmarked Volvo drove into the back of his ex-fiancée’s BMW X5.

White claimed he was sitting in the car trying to open the bonnet but was not actually driving.

He said he had drunk up to five lattes that day but a drug test found him to be four-times over the drug-drive limit.

Now his father will have to pay a £400 fine, a £40 victim surcharge and £85 costs because White Jr lives off a family allowance.

Police say blood tests reveled White Jr, who does not have a licence, had more than 200 microgrammes of cocaine per litre of his blood while driving a grey 2005 BMW X5.



Carly Loftus, prosecuting, said: “When the officers arrived they found on the tailgate was Marco Pierre White Jr and Miss Kimberly Melville-Smith.

“Miss Kimberly Melville-Smith confirmed she was the driver but the other driver believed it was actually the male.

“Officers noticed his eyes were looking like pin pricks and he was rather erratic and twitching and couldn’t stand still.

“The test came back positive for cocaine.

“Mr Pierre White was four times over the drug-drive limit.”

Later he admitted using the Class A.

Ms Loftus said: “Hr said he had been offered some cocaine at a party four to five days earlier.

“He admitted taking it but said he had not taken anything since then.

“He said he had four to five lattes that day, that’s why his pupils looked the way they did.”

He told officers he had been sat in the driver’s seat of Ms Melville-Smith’s car trying to lift a lever to release the bonnet after the car got into difficulties when they were returning from his dental appointment.

Miss Loftus said: “Miss Kimberly Melville-Smith stated at the station that he was sitting with the engine on with the car in park.

“He confirmed he was in the front seat and pulled a lever to lift the hood and he noticed another car, which he believed was a police car, had hit Miss Kimberly Melville-Smith’s car.

“He didn’t believe sitting in the driver’s seat while it was parked was wrong.”

Big Brother star Marco Pierre White Jnr (left) leaves court (SWNS)

Big Brother star Marco Pierre White Jnr (left) leaves court (SWNS)

The heavily tattooed model wore a grey hoodie over a white T-shirt and black jeans when he arrived an hour late to court.

With his messy hair tired up in a bun and a nose ring in, he spoke only to confirm his name and address and to plead guilty.

He smiled and put his arm around his lawyer when he learned he had got away with a fine.

District Judge Karim Ezzat said: “He has no income whatsoever. He is provided for by his family.”

Carl Newman, defending White Jr, said: “He had got into the driver’s seat and was trying to find the lever to open the bonnet for the engine. At this point the car was struck by another car.

“The car that struck Mr Pierre White’s car was an unmarked police car with plain clothed officers in.

“His vehicle was struck by another. It wasn’t moving and he wasn’t at fault.

“He is supported by his father and he is available to pay a fine after speaking to his father.”

The legal limit of cocaine in blood is 50 microgrammes to allow for accidental exposure or having traces remaining in the blood long after any effects have worn off.

He was arrested in North End Crescent, Hammersmith, west London, on April 20.

White Jr split from his fiancé Ms Melville-Smith after his on-screen romp.

The Channel 5 show is being investigated after OFCOM received 634 complaints over White’s on-air romp with 30-year-old actress Laura Carter.

He is not the only member of the family in the court system at the moment.

His mum, Mati Conejero, is facing trial for allegedly attacking him and brother Luciano, 22.



The sons accuse her of pulling White Jr’s hair and kicking him before biting Luciano’s hand when he intervened.

White Jr is due to give evidence against her at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on July 12.

Conejero, 51, who lives in the same block of flats as her sons in Chiswick, west London, denies two counts of common assault by beating.

She is currently in the middle of an acrimonious divorce where she has clocked up an estimated £3million in legal fees.

She recently told a Sunday paper: “I broke down when I saw that for how lost he is.

“I feel so helpless that I can’t do anything, but how would you feel when your beautiful baby boy ends up a man covered in tattoos, with the word ‘Broken’ across his face.

“‘Help’ is etched elsewhere on his body, and his has a tear drop under one eye.”

White Jr, of 66a Chiswick High Road, was also given ten points on his notional licence because he has never passed his test.

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