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More and more often you can hear some mean words about the virtual communication, social networks and dating sites. Despite this, many people have already found their true love, best friends or business partners through the Internet.

Online world has lots of specific features and, therefore, it is really desirable to have a clear idea of what you can do there.

Follow these tips to be successful with online dating

Follow these tips to be successful with online dating


Indeed, if you don’t see your conversation partner or you are not familiar with him in real life, it is very difficult not to succumb to the temptation to idealize the person and what’s even worse to fall in love with him. Unfortunately, it is a very common scenario of online dating.

 Here are nine best tips that can help you not only find a perfect date for you, but also avoid disappointment and frustration when dating online:

  •                     Don’t think that it’s impossible to meet a nice person in the Internet. It’s a common stereotype that does not reflect true picture of the online world. However, don’t forget that the Internet is full of trolls or just rude people (both men and women). Never argue with trolls – it means that they win. Just ignore them and be very careful what you write or say online.
  •                     Before signing up on dating websites, ask yourself who you are looking for and what specifically you expect from your potential partner. Don’t deceive yourself, especially if you tend to idealize people. For example, if you are looking for a serious long-term relationship, don’t waste your time on chatting with person who is obviously looking for casual dating or a one-night stand.
  •                     Be honest writing your dating profile. Make sure you specify exactly what you want to find on the dating site and express your real intentions and desires. Otherwise, you will spend searching for your perfect partner extra time.
  •                     Take the time to fully consider all available candidates on the dating site. Don’t look at the appearance, education, income or profession. These things are very subjective. Look at the candidates’ interests and hobbies, their experience or background.   Oftentimes we reject those who could really make us happy.
  •                     Be active on the dating site, optimize your profile for better search results, increase your rating and raise your website’s profile. The more people see you, the better your chances are to meet your perfect match on the site.
  •                     If you find someone interesting, witty and attractive, don’t be afraid to show that you’re interested in getting to know him or her better. Complimenting is also an excellent way to flirt, express your interest and show that you feel self-confident enough to make someone else feel good.
  •                     Finding your perfect match can be overwhelming. But you have to trust yourself and be patient. Altough finding someone “perfect” might not be realistic, finding a special person who you really connect with and who makes you happy is definitely doable and worth holding out for.  

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  1. Joe says:

    Good tips. I’ve just signed up for a dating site OneWife. I’m going to try it.

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