Base jumper escapes police by hurling himself off California’s Bixby Bridge

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This is the extraordinary moment a ballsy base jumper risks life and limb by hurling himself off an 85-metre bridge – in front of the police.

Base jumper escapes police by hurling himself off California's Bixby Bridge

Steve Jester  is filmed walking along the Bixby Bridge on California Highway One, 120 miles south of San Francisco, before dangling his parachute off the edge of the 85-metre high structure.

A police patrol car arrives with an officer calmly walking over to the 46-year-old who is now standing on top of the bridge barrier.

The police officer politely and calmly asks the Jester, who appears to be under the influence of some sort of mind-altering substance, to get off the barrier but he resists and jumps.

As he leaps from the bridge, the Jester performs an acrobatic mid-air flip before gliding towards the beach and making a textbook landing.

The amazing clip has been viewed more than 160,000 times since it was uploaded to Youtube on December 13.

One viewer, going by the name bialicki, said: “Dude is totally awesome, and crazy! but as we all know it takes crazy for people like us to do stuff like that!”

Jester was later charged with resisting a police officer, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, trespassing and possession of marijuana while driving.

Source: Youtube and Nine MSN

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