Baby is born on the same day as her MUM and GRANDMOTHER

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A newborn baby has defied odds of 130,000-1 after she was born – on the same date as her MUM and GRANDMOTHER.

Olivia Spiller was born weighing 8lb 13oz on Sunday March 24 – the same birthday as mother Natasha Woodgate, 21, and grandmother Nicky Woodgate, 51.

Experts say the odds of three generations of the same family being born on the same day are 133,225-1.

Olivia Woodgate was born on the same day as her mother and her grandmother

Olivia Woodgate was born on the same day as her mother and her grandmother

Mum Natasha, of Tiverton, Devon, said: ”I was so shocked that she came on that date, I just couldn’t believe it.

“She was expected to arrive on March 19 so we knew it would be close, although we didn’t expect her to be five days late.

“It is so weird that we all have the same birthday now, but I am happy because we can all enjoy it and share it at the same time.

“She is my first born and she has been perfect for me, she just hasn’t been any trouble at all, it is just great.”

Grandmother Nicky added: “When I had my daughter she was two weeks overdue so when Natasha was late I had a slight feeling it may happen.

“Olivia is gorgeous, she is my first grandchild and it feels brilliant to be a nan, I am just so proud.”

Olivia’s dad, Floyd, 24, an electrician, said he nearly placed a bet on the day his daughter was born.

He said: “We reckoned it would be a boy if it arrived on the 19th but once that day passed we guessed it would be a girl.

“I was going to put some money on it being the third girl in a row to be born on that date  but I didn’t get round to it.

“At least we’ll never forget her birthday although it could end quite expensive for me with three presents to buy.”

A William Hill spokesman said: “Due the grandmother’s mother not being born on March 24, you are effectively betting without the first date because the grandmother’s date is a given.

“Truly it is only #133,225. We do take quite a lot of bets on what date babies will be born on, not just Kate and William’s.

“If the great grandmother had been born on the same day the odds would be #48,000,000-1 and if someone put a quid on that they would probably end up being my boss.”

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