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Big Smack – Cops hunt smartly dressed men who attacked a man outside McDonalds

October 16, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Police are hunting two smartly dressed men in suits who attacked a man outside McDonalds before walking back inside to collect their FOOD. The 23-year-old customer was followed out of the fast food outlet by the two men after getting into a verbal argument with them inside. He was then punched and kicked to the…

Council tenants turning spare rooms into cannabis factories to beat hated bedroom tax

October 16, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Desperate council tenants are increasingly turning their spare rooms into CANNABIS FACTORIES in a bid to afford the controversial bedroom tax. Worried town hall chiefs at Europe’s biggest local authority fear drugs gangs are targeting vulnerable residents and forcing them to grow marijuana to pay off debts. Birmingham City Council sources and loan shark watchdogs say tenants…

Rolling Stones fans finally confess to stealing Mick Jagger’s doughnuts after 50 years

October 16, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Two women have confessed their sweet-smelling secret about Mick Jagger after 50 years – stealing his doughnuts and aftershave. Sticky-fingered Christine Allcock and Julia Pugh were just 10 and 12 when they went to see the Rolling Stones play in 1964. They spotted one of the band’s limousines parked at the rear of The Odeon…

Scrounging mum-of-nine slammed benefit slobs for giving families like hers a ‘bad name’

October 16, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

A mum-of-nine who claims #38,000-a-year in handouts slammed benefit slobs for giving large families like hers a “bad name”. Cheryl Prudham admits having her huge brood by MISTAKE because she and husband Robert don’t like contraception. The couple rake in a total tax free income of £53,000-a-year – the equivalent of an #80,000 gross annual…

That’s a good take h’away – Geordie businessman is Britain’s most feared restaurant critic

October 16, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

A Geordie businessman has become one of the most feared food critics in Britain – after being named as the most prolific restaurant reviewer on TripAdvisor. Burly Phil Blackett, 52, has racked up 780 reviews of restaurants, takeaways and hotels, in an impressive 501 cities spread across 36 countries. The sunglasses salesman travels the length…

US craze lands for rubber band bracelets lands on British shores and is sure to be a hit this Christmas

October 10, 2013 | by | 2 Comments

A new toy hit the market which is set to feature on every girl’s Christmas list, which helps kids create elaborate bracelets – from RUBBER BANDS. Rainbow Loom has already become a smash hit on the other side of the Atlantic, where it was launched earlier this year, and much like friendship bracelets and charity…

The Twilight effect brushes off as Britain is captured at 9:25pm

July 19, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Twilight has never looked so good – as this remarkable collection of snapshots shows Britain at dusk. The pictures, all taken from exactly 9:25pm on Thursday July 4, show brief glimpses of life across the country. Gritty pictures of homeless drug addict Chris in Liverpool shows the squalor he calls home when he cannot get…

High tech wallet stops thieves from nabbing your cash

May 24, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

High-tech thieves after your cash are being thwarted by a new product which turns your wallet or purse into a – SAFE. Many modern cards use RFID technology which allow users to pay for goods by scanning them at the till. But police have issued warnings after criminals began working on ways to use remote…

‘Fergie Time’ to grant gamers an extra few minutes to clinch the win

May 16, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

While Sir Alex Ferguson can now kick back and enjoy a spot of fishing during his retirement, his legacy has been immortalised by one cheeky games company. The makers of new game Lords of Football have introduced an update which grants losing teams a few extra vital minutes to clinch the win. The so-called ‘Fergie…

Organs from teenagers and toddlers killed in house fire donated to NINE people

May 2, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Rosie Bennellick, 17, Andy Gunn, 18, and Harvey Bennellick, three, perished in a blaze.

Ticket to ride – new iPhone game donates profits to a wheely good cause

April 29, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

The world’s first app which will donate all profits to charity has been announced  – promising to give a bike to a child for every 387 downloads. SideKick Cycle is a downhill biking app set to be a big hit for smartphone users when it goes on sale on the iTunes and Android stores worldwide…

Incredible watch that always reminds you when it’s time to pray

April 26, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

The face of Jesus has been discovered in possibly the tackiest watch in the world. Covered in 100% fake gold banding, the gaudy Jesus Watch contains the image of Christ as well as the Virgin Mother on the face – making it one of the oddest watches ever. The £24.99 timepiece, available from online retail…

Trio of classic ice creams to hit the shelves as chocolate bars

April 5, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

In a great new twist on standard confectionary, some of Britain’s favourite ice creams have been recreated as chocolate bars. Favourites like Mars and Snickers have already been launched as frozen snacks, but now classic Walls ice creams Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk have been turned into chocolates. The Magnum bar recreates the rich taste…

Two oldie foes – Iconic fight scene from classic Star Trek recreated half a century later

April 4, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Star Trek legend William Shatner is reunited with his most famous foe for the first time in nearly fifty years. 82-year-old Shatner, who played Captain James T Kirk in the iconic science fiction series, famously battled a Gorn – a big green alien – in a 1967 episode of the cult show. Beloved Bill was…

Tragic cancer victim to live on as a character in his favourite computer game

March 25, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

A man who lost his battle with liver cancer is to be immortalised as a character in his favourite computer game. Avid gamer James Payne, 24, was invited to see the studios where the BAFTA-winning ‘Total War’ series is made as he fought the killer disease. James’ tour of Sussex-based Creative Assembly came the day…

Lara Croft, zombies and crazy Bandicoots made 1996 the best year ever for gamers

March 25, 2013 | by | 1 Comment

The year a chess Grandmaster was beaten by a computer for the first time was declared the golden year for gaming, according to a recent poll. 1996, the year Garry Kaspirov was defeated by Deep Blue, came out trumps in a poll to find the best ever year for gamers – as it also saw…

Gamers ‘at risk’ from online bugs while playing top new games

March 20, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

New games such as SimCity and Diablo III have been slammed.