Vincent PAN Gough! Artists creates Shrove Tuesday portraits made from leftover pancakes

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An artist has created the ultimate way to use-up Shrove Tuesday left overs – art made from pancakes.

Creative Nate Shields, 36, –  dubbed Vincent pan Gogh – started creating funny faces out of batter to make mealtimes more fun for his children Gryphon, five, and Alice, two.

He now uses a turkey baster and vegan pancake mix to craft detailed masterpieces – including portraits, pets, landmarks, sea creatures and even Star Wars characters.

Gryphon Shield with one of the pancake creations by his dad Nate Shields

Gryphon Shield with one of the pancake creations by his dad Nate Shields

The images are created by ‘layering’ the mixture into the pan at different times, with the darker areas given longer to cook and lighter areas added at the end.

Nate, an illustrator by trade, said: “I started using a baster with a small plastic nozzle from an air pump for better control.

“To get the colour gradations, I start with the areas I want darkest, since they will cook the longest.

Some of the pancake cartoon creations by artist Nate

Some of the pancake cartoon creations by artist Nate

Nate's Pokemon pancakes

Nate’s Pokemon pancakes

“I usually come up with the theme spur-of-the-moment, but several have been suggested by friends. Some weeks see better results than others.

Nate tucks into his favourite dish

Nate tucks into his favourite dish

“But they’re quite tasty – otherwise I wouldn’t be making so many.”

Nate’s pancake masterpieces include many of the world’s most famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House.

To celebrate pancake day, Nate created a pancake that looks like a stack of pancakes on a plate, complete with knife and fork.

He has also produced detailed recreations of wildlife including jellyfish, crabs, and an octopus.

Nate has even created pancakes replicating the internal organs of the body including the lungs, intestine and kidney.

American Nate now lives on the tiny Pacific island of Saipan, and more stunning pictures of Nate’s work can be seen at

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