Sick teenager made vile Facebook jokes that he RAPED missing April Jones’ dead body

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Missing April Jones, who Sam Busby made sick jokes about raping

Missing April Jones, who Sam Busby made sick jokes about raping

A twisted teenager has admitted making vile comments about missing Welsh girl April Jones on Facebook – including claims he raped her dead body.

Sam Busby, 18, posted on his page: “All these April Jones jokes are getting old, unlike her.”  He then made another comment saying: “In butt hard.”

Tragic April went missing from outside her home in Machynlleth, Powys in Wales, on October 1 and despite a huge search, her body has never been found. She is missing presumed murdered.

Call centre worker Busby put a warped joke about the little girl on the social-networking site on October 6 – the day Mark Bridger was charged with April’s murder.

When another user said “too soon”, the warped teen replied: “F****** her dead body was too soon but it didn’t stop me.”

And when someone else told Busby he could have caught something, he said: “Doesn’t matter, had sex. And I caught something, night fever.”

Remarkably, when one sickened user said: “You’re f****** messed in the head”, he just replied with: “No I f***** her in the head.”

The sick posts end when someone else replied with: “You would say this over Facebook but never in public” – but one of Busby’s friends replied saying: “He would say it.”

Busby, who works as an inbound sales advisor for Serco BPO, describes himself as a “full-time loser” on his Twitter page.

He also plays drums for local band Dakota Ruins.

Neighbours of Busby yesterday described him as an “arrogant, swaggering yob.”

One said: “He is always practising playing with his band until all hours of the night. He treats the neighbourhood as if he owns the place, he is an arrogant, swaggering yob.

“The police came round a couple of weeks ago and carted him off, the neighbours thought he must be in trouble but we’re all appalled he was making these comments about a little girl.

“He is disgusting and should have the full weight of the law come down on him.”

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, told Worcester Magistrates Court Busby then posted several “very unpleasant” comments claiming to have carried out vile sexual acts on her body.

The remarks caused one user to label him a “class A idiot” – while another contacted police and said she felt the comments could have caused distress to April’s family.

Busby’s Facebook page could be viewed by anyone, the court heard.

On Tuesday, the teen pleaded guilty to using a public communication network to send a message that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character when he was hauled before JPs.

During a police interview read out in court, Busby told officers he was “an immature teenager who wanted to get some attention”.

He told cops he thought his page could only be viewed by friends but admitted a couple of comments had come from people he did not know.

Belinda Ariss, defending, said: “The facts are very unpleasant, Mr Busby is deeply ashamed and has deleted the comments and deactivated his Facebook account.

“He’s very sorry and made a full admission to police.”

She explained he had been so ashamed of the comments that he asked his parents, who were supporting him, to stay out of the courtroom.

She added: “They don’t know the comments he has made but they know the messages are very bad.”

Busby has no previous convictions and works full time.

Chairman of the bench Gerald Heath indicated he was considering a community penalty, but adjourned sentencing until Wednesday November 7 so reports could be carried out.

Busby, from St Johns, Worcester, was released on conditional bail.

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  1. Paulo says:

    Aw the sick little coward is sorry now? Diddums, hope you reap what you sow.

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