Apple’s iPhone 5s ad ‘Powerful’ shows its usefulness for musicians

April 23, 2014 | by | 1 Comment

Apple’s new ad for the iPhone 5s is pretty cool. It is set to the soundtrack of ‘Gigantic’ by the Pixies and a series of scenarios at the beginning emphasises how the iPhone can be used by musicians.

There’s a busker hooking up his guitar to his iPhone which displays volume and treble controls, a cello player using an app that detects notes, a girl recording herself as she plays the drums, a woman playing a ‘virtual’ violin on the iPhone and the lead singer of the Pixies using her iPhone to check her vocals.

It’s a pretty cool ad, called ‘Powerful’, by Apple, and shows just how useful and versatile the handset can be.

As a guitarist, I use an four track digital recorder on the iPhone, a guitar tuner, a metronome, a chord dictionary and an app for finding chords for songs. The phone is handy because I can just about never find a tuner.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol lead singer of the pixes not even close by a universe.

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