Angry clowns protest over Alton Towers horror maze

October 4, 2010 | by | 5 Comments

Placard-waving clowns chained themselves to the gates of Alton Towers today in protest at a new horror maze which they claim ‘demonises’ the circus performers.

The Carnival of Screams attraction has been launched to coincide with Halloween and promises a circus ‘that nightmares are made of’.

Thrillseekers will have to evade the clutches of killer clowns as part of the adrenaline-fuelled ride.

But a host of clowns have taken offence at the ride and yesterday protested claiming they were being portrayed in a negative light.

They barracked bosses at Alton Towers today, protesting outside the theme park’s entrance with posters and placards.

The circus performers – armed with custard pies – chained themselves to the main gates, claiming the ride would do to their reputation what Jaws did for sharks.

One protestor, Fips the Clown, said: ”We are protesting because we feel the Alton Towers Resort’s new horror maze, Carnival of Screams, is an unfair depiction of clowns.

”It only serves to reinforce stereotypes of clowns as evil.

”I can’t believe this – it has taken us years to get over Stephen King’s ‘IT’ and now this just adds to further damage the reputation of clowns worldwide.

”This will do for clowns what Jaws did for sharks.”

Carnival of Screams will open up to the public from October 16 to October 31 during Alton Towers’ Sacrefest Halloween celebrations.

The brand new attraction features an old travelling funhouse overtaken by evil clowns and visitors have to dodge the killer clowns through the disorientating maze.

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  1. It’s not April Fools day honest! Clown protest

  2. L_Ron_Hagar says:

    Isn’t everyone desensitized to demon clowns by now? Not scary.

    On the other hand, politically-correct, politically-active, pro-censorship clowns… now *that’s* scary.

  3. Wow the PR department at Alton Towers really earnt their bile money today didn’t they? Shame on anyone who thought this was genuine.

  4. Tia-Anna The Drag Queen says:

    As a drag queen myself, I can see the clowns have a point! It would be a bit like opening an attraction which suggests all drag queens are sex maniacs; but there again some are!!!
    Clowning is a serious profession; maybe Alton Towers should have more non-clown scary characters and include a disclaimer warning that people scared of clowns might not like the attraction…

  5. Coulrophobics of the world, unite against this scourge!

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