Almost 30 inmates have vanished from Britain’s softest prison at Ford, Sussex – some for more than 10 years – including killers and armed robbers

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Two murderers, drug dealers and armed robbers are among nearly 40 convicts still on the run from Britain’s softest prison – some for up to TEN years.

Killers Robert Donovan and Derek Passmore are two of the fugitives on the loose from HM Prison Ford which has the worst absconder record in Britain.

Robert Donovan (Left), Derek Passmore (Right), who have absconded from HM Prison Ford (SWNS)

Robert Donovan (Left), Derek Passmore (Right), who have absconded from HM Prison Ford (SWNS)

Donovan, 58, jailed indefinitely for stabbing a West London theatre manager in 1974, has been at large since he failed to return to the open prison in June 2010.

Passmore, 50, who beat a disabled man to death, has evaded police for around 20 months since failing to return from day release.

He cracked disabled Paul Craig’s skull in a jealous rage and left him to die in a flat in Hampton, west London in 1997 mistakenly thinking he was seeing his ex-girlfriend.

The Ministry of Justice has admitted that 39 escapees remain at large since walking out of the open prison, near Arundel, in West Sussex between April 2004 and March 2014.

The figures were released under a Freedom of Information request – but the MoJ refused to name nine of them ‘to protect their victims’.

Another absconder is carer Tom Zolynski who was jailed for two years in May 2010 for stealing £10,000 from a pensioner he was supposed to be looking after.

He disappeared two months after arriving at Ford at the age of 35 but police are still looking for him nearly FIVE years later.

Escaped prisoners (from left) David Blood, Robert Donovan, Steven Evans, Craig Hayler, Arben Nuredini, Timothy O'Leary, Derek Passmore and Christopher Street (SWNS)

Escaped prisoners (from left) David Blood, Robert Donovan, Steven Evans, Craig Hayler, Arben Nuredini, Timothy O’Leary, Derek Passmore and Christopher Street (SWNS)

The missing 39 also include those who have failed to return from temporary release and those who walked out without permission.

Ford, which houses 500 prisoners, was last year revealed to have the worst record for outstanding fugitives of any British prison.

Since it was opened in 1960 89 lags have walked free and remained at large.

Another on the fun is fraudster Oluwasegun Adekunle (doub corr) who has enjoyed freedom for nearly seven years since walking out of Ford aged 27.

He was jailed in 2007 for his role in a gang who stole £2.4million from banks. They also attempted to defraud BBC journalist Rageh Omaar.

Of the 39 lags on the lamb – not counting any who escaped after April 2014 – 15 failed to return after being granted temporary release, while 24 simply walked out.

Sussex Police refused to reveal the total number of prisoners currently on the run from Ford, who left before or after the released data.

The Ministry of Justice said: “Prisoners who abscond, fail to return or commit crime while on release will be sent back to closed prisons.

“Temporary release can be an important part of rehabilitating offenders but not at the cost of public protection.”

List of currently missing prisoners and the date they walked out, and their age when they went missing.

A montage of images of some of those who have absconded from HM Prison Ford.(SWNS)

A montage of images of some of those who have absconded from HM Prison Ford.(SWNS)

Temporary Release Failure:

15/05/04 Victor Lloyd Mcfarlane (34) Drug supply
19/06/04 Alvin Harris (27) Import / export drugs
10/07/04 Not Disclosed (40) Import / export drugs
01/08/04 Not Disclosed (44) Import / export drugs
12/12/04 Not Disclosed (42) Fraud
18/12/04 Manuel Guio-Ruiz (39) Drug possession with intent
27/01/05 Arben Nuredini (30) Wounding with intent (GBH)
14/08/05 Oyewale Owolodun (51) Import / export drugs
03/12/06 Gary Robinson (37) Drugs unlawful import or export
13/02/09 Not Disclosed (41) Import / export drugs
11/11/09 Richard John Agar (45) Drugs unlawful import or export
19/06/10 Robert Donovan (53) Murder
06/09/11 John Umego-Castano (41) Supply drugs
12/09/11 Jose Praga-Perdomo (52) Import / export
22/06/13 Derek Passmore (48) Murder

03/09/04 Not Disclosed (26) False instruments
28/04/05 Samuel Rutherford (33) Import / export drugs
15/07/05 Sylvian Monjal (33) Import / export drugs
27/11/05 Oweh Ogbonna (31) Import / export drugs
29/11/05 Not Disclosed (50) Assisting illegal immigrants
25/01/06 Not Disclosed (30) Illegal immigrant/detainee
02/02/06 Goran Durdevic (29) Theft
02/02/06 Marco Napolitano (24) Theft
03/02/06 Sedan Asan (28) Deception
26/04/06 Malek Riahi (29) Deception
12/05/06 Johnny Watson (39) Supply drug
25/05/06 Abid Butt (33) Possession drugs with intent
25/05/06 Mokrane Mahdid (36) False instruments
28/06/08 Not Disclosed (32) Supplying drugs
25/09/08 Oluwasegun Adekunle (27) Fraud
15/10/08 James Demorges (39) Fraud
18/03/09 Michael Brosnan (43) Possession drugs with intent
08/08/09 Ion Popescu (26) Equipped for stealing
12/07/10 Tom Zolynski (35) Theft
23/07/10 John Wilson (52) Excess alcohol
23/09/10 Ismail Hasko (24) Defraud
02/03/11 Leacroft Wallace (50) Possession drugs with intent
19/08/11 Steven Fortnam (49) Burglary
06/01/12 Not Disclosed (31) Burglary

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