That’s not so sweet, Alan! Lord Sugar tells woman who accused him of sexism to ‘shut up idiot’

November 9, 2012 | by | 1 Comment
Lord Sugar told a woman accusing him of sexism to 'shut up idiot'

Lord Sugar told a woman accusing him of sexism to ‘shut up idiot’

A woman who accused Alan Sugar of being sexist for tweeting about ”lady staff” was told by the Apprentice star – ”shut up idiot”.

Lord Sugar lashed out after Serena FitzGerald told him he had made a “patronising” comment.

The multi-millionaire had tweeted: “Ladies show your boss this link and tell them to show appreciation to all the lady staff with a Xmas gift”.

A link was attached to a nail file designed by an ex-Apprentice winner.

But Serena – @Serenaf66 – replied: “Oh dear you must realise what a sexist tweet that is.
What women in business wish to be reduced to a nail file?”

Lord Sugar replied: “Shut up idiot”.

He then went on to block gift shop owner Serena meaning she could not reply.

Speaking yesterday, Serena, of Exeter, Devon, called Lord Sugar’s post “a 1950s-style tweet”.

She said: “The whole tone of his tweet was patronising, eg ‘lady staff’.

“I wonder what he would be suggesting as a Christmas gift for his ‘gentleman staff.’

“When there is equal pay and a genuine gender equality in the workplace then maybe ‘lady staff’ can worry about their nails.

“Men have nails too but there was an implication – intended or unintended- that it is women in the workplace who are concerned with mere fripperies.

”I was surprised and offended by his response. Hardly a reasoned debate and extremely rude.

“The irony is I would quite like one of these nail files but I’m more than happy to buy my own nail care.”

Serena now has more than 1,300 followers on Twitter and has received messages of support from across the country.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everything is sexist when it comes to feminazis, as long as they can patronize men and hold women to a higher level then men.

    Isn’t the “martial coercion” law sexist feminists? Considering it’s a form of defence for almost any criminal and civil matter which is exclusively for women, haven’t heard feminists condemning it.

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