Agoraphobic dog saves diabetic man

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Two dogs saved their owner’s life when he collapsed into a diabetic coma during a country walk – by launching a real-life Lassie rescue operation.

Agoraphobic dog saves diabetic man

Stricken Les Parsons, 54, collapsed due to low sugar levels while out walking German Shepherds Ellie and Jones.

His plucky pooches immediately sprung into action, with one-year-old Ellie licking his face to try and keep him conscious while two-year-old Jones ran for help.

He sprinted a quarter-of-a-mile home to alert Les’ wife Jo and stepdaughter Fiona and then led them back to the spot where he was lying.

They rushed him to hospital and Les – a type one diabetic – was released later that day after treatment.

Jo, 46, who is also a type one diabetic, said: ”Jones alerted me and my daughter that something was seriously wrong.

”He comes from a rescue home and we’ve had him for over a year.

”He is a recovering agoraphobic so to come back alone we knew it was for a good reason.

”I ran out and found Les collapsed on the floor with Ellie by his side. I think the dogs saved his life.

”The dogs mean the world to me and I’m so proud of them. If Jones hadn’t have come home, Les could have died.”

Les, a care home supervisor, had suffered severe hypoglycaemia, which is caused by low blood sugar and can be fatal if left untreated.

He toppled over during a walk near his home in Bridgwater, Somerset, on November 17 after taking the dogs to his local park without his vital hypoglycaemia kit.

Ellie stayed with Les, licking him and nudging him with his paws, while Jones went for help.

His stunned family heard the large hound clawing at the back door and immediately realised something was wrong when they saw he was not with his owner.

Jones then bounded back round to where Les was lying, showing them where he had fallen.

He was swiftly taken to Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, and released later that day.

Les said: ”I was totally overwhelmed when I pieced it all together. What they did took teamwork and courage and it brought a tear to my eye.

”We’ve been giving them extra treats and fussing since.”

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