Advancements in the cosmetic surgery industry

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For some, cosmetic surgery is a side-effect of an accident or medical condition, but for others it is very much a personal choice made from a desire to want to improve one’s appearance. Regardless of the reasoning behind your desire to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure, there is no moving away from the fact that it has evolved significantly over the last decade in particular.

Today we can look towards having surgery that does not show any sign of scarring and some procedures are even becoming less and less invasive, which would have been unimaginable a few years ago. It is safe to say that technology is an important factor when it comes to revolutionising the face of the cosmetic surgery industry and has made body modification more accessible than ever before.

Replacement techniques

Technology has been rapidly altering the way that surgeons are performing their procedures as what was once considered to be revolutionary is very quickly becoming outdated. This can be seen with regards to procedures such as dermabrasion and carbon dioxide lasers. Dermabrasion works to remove the existing level of skin and encourage newer and fresher skin to emerge in its place. New technology in the form of carbon dioxide lasers means that you can perform the same procedure as seen with dermabrasion but without the same level of disruption to the skin.

Bespoke treatments

Today we are given the opportunity to tailor our cosmetic surgery experience to best suit our needs and budgets. While in the past you would very much be limited to where you would be able to have your surgical procedure performed, today you can make the most of the latest technology and the trend of medical tourism in creating the ultimate cosmetic surgery package. For example you can have your consultation in London with highly reputable company Longevita and then head to Longevita in Istanbul to undergo your particular surgery.


Something that has really altered the face of cosmetic surgery is the fact that we now have equipment which is able to use 3D photographic images of patients and then generate new images surrounding what their body or face will look like once surgery is completed. By overlaying images of the person in their current form, you are able to get a clear picture of how they will change once surgery is completed and their body is healed.

New application of older technology

Some well-known technology is now becoming repurposed for use in the cosmetic surgery field. For example, the endoscope is now being used to help perform face lifts as opposed to simply being used to check the inside of someone’s stomach. This allows surgeons to make smaller incisions which offer patients the additional benefit of having less area for scarring.

Technology has meant that we are able to have cosmetic surgery procedures performed today that were not only not viable years ago or are more likely to be comfortable when they are being performed- both during and in the recovery stages. We can be certain that, with the rate in which technology is moving forward, the progress we will see in this industry will be even more advanced in another decade or so.

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