Accountant spends £25,000 on plastic surgery including 32H boob job in quest for ‘perfect body’

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Maddison Hawk has spent £25k on plastic surgery

Maddison Hawk has spent £25k on plastic surgery

An accountant has splashed out £25,000 on her ‘hobby’ of plastic surgery in a bid to get her dream body – all before her 25th birthday.

Maddison Hawk vowed to give her body a complete overhaul after she had her ears pinned back when she was just six years old.

She drew up a list of treatments and operations she wanted and as soon as she turned 18 she spent more than £2,000 on semi-permanent make up.

Next came a host of chemical peels, countless lip fillers, regular teeth whitening and then eventually a £4,800 boob job boosting her from a 32C to a busty 32H, aged 23.

Despite being a svelte size 12, Maddison booked in for liposuction on her tummy – and at the last minute decided to have the fat sucked from her WHOLE body.

Now a tiny size eight, she insists her looks are worth every penny and has vowed to continue her surgery hobby until she has the perfect body.

Blonde Maddison, from Witney, Oxfordshire, said: “After I had my ears done I got a taste for altering my body.

“I didn’t see why you had to accept the way you were made, when there were so many treatments and surgeries available.

“I wanted to change the way I looked and started plotting – as soon as I was old enough, I was going to make some big changes.

“I don’t believe that you have to accept the way you were born, I think it’s fine to pay for changes to your body.

“And besides, what’s the difference between wearing make up and having liposuction? It’s all just tinkering!”

Maddison’s obsession began when her mum Alison, 50, took her to have her ears pinned back because she was worried her daughter would be bullied at school.

Blonde Maddison before the cosmetic work

Blonde Maddison before the cosmetic work

Maddison with her big new boobs

Maddison with her big new boobs

At 18 she went for tattooed make up on her eyes, eyebrows and lips costing £600 – plus £1,600 for top ups a year later.

Three years later she spent £750 on three chemical face peels and £3,500 on lip fillers over a year.

Ages 23 the had her £4,800 boob job, followed by £4,000 laser eye surgery, £1,100 teeth whitening, and laser hair removal on her legs and underarms for £600.

But her biggest operation came in April last year when she had full body liposuction in April, costing £5,000.

Maddison, left, before the extensive surgery, and right, after the work

Maddison, left, before the extensive surgery, and right, after the work

Maddison is still looking to go under the knife again

Maddison is still looking to go under the knife again

Petite Maddison said: “I’d tried diet and exercise but nothing I did got rid of my pot belly. I decided lipo was the only answer.

“My surgeon agreed to lipo my tummy but said I didn’t really need it on my arms or legs.

“But I said ‘just go the whole hog’. While I was under anaesthetic, why not? I woke up in absolute agony.

“It was the most pain I’ve ever been in, but I recovered quickly and loved the results, going from a size 12 to a size eight.

“Of course it hurt – I’d had the fat sucked out of me – but no pain, no gain!”

Maddison, who has no debt, insists that she doesn’t regret any of her surgery, which she pays for from her wages as an accountant and hair extensions business.

She plans to have her boobs lifted, and more laser eye surgery, as well as botox in the future.

“A nip here, a tuck there, I don’t see what the big deal is,” she said.

“The way I see it, I’m £25,000 more beautiful than I was before.

“I work hard to afford my hobby. I don’t go out every weekend but when I do go out, I want to show off my body.

“There’s no point spending all this money if I can’t show off the results

“I know I’ve spent a fortune on my looks – but some women spend the same amount on going out and they have nothing to show for it. I prefer to go to the hospital for another upgrade, than to the pub.”

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