“A Fridge Saved Her Life” : Woman Has Miracle Escape As Suspected Gas Blast Destroys Home

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Gas explosion in Rosslyn Avenue, Ryhope.

Gas explosion in Rosslyn Avenue, Ryhope.

A 40-year-old woman is believed to have had a miracle escape today (fri) after a suspected gas blast completely destroyed her home.

The massive explosion completely levelled the 1950s semi-detached property at around 8.50am leaving the adjoining property standing by badly damaged.

Neighbours told how they thought a ‘bomb’ had gone off after hearing the explosion in Rosslyn Avenue, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

Shocking photos showed the remains of the rebrick house reduced to a pile of rubble with debris scattered across the road.

It is believed that the sole occupant of the property at the time was 40-year-old woman who was airlifted to hospital.

It is thought that her daughter escaped the blast as she was staying with her father at a separate address.

SWNS_SUNDERLAND_EXPLOSION_007A woman, claiming to be the householder’s sister, posted a message on Facebook saying: “She was at her dad’s thank God.

“That was my sister’s house Susan shepherd, amazingly everyone got owt she bin air lifted to hosp that’s all I know for now.”

There were unconfirmed reports of one woman been taken to the RVI in Newcastle after the explosion.

Residents in the neighbouring area have described how they felt their windows and patio doors shake after the explosion at .

Paul Moran was working close by when the blast hit. “I was 700 metres away and the building I was in started shaking.”

Michelle Reed, who lives in Hollicarrside, added: “It was so loud that my house was shaking. I’m still shaking.”

One eyewitness said: “Big explosion at Rosslyn Avenue in Ryhope – a house has been completely levelled to the ground. All emergency services are on the scene.”

Gas explosion in Rosslyn Avenue, Ryhope.

Gas explosion in Rosslyn Avenue, Ryhope.

Another said: “There has been a huge explosion. My husband walked past and said the roof has been blown off.”

The average price of a property on the street is £149,000.

Northumberland Police and the ambulance service confirmed they had been scrambled to Rosslyn Avenue, in Ryhope, Tyne and Wear., earlier today (fri).

Northumbria Police tweeted: “Police are aware of an explosion on Rosslyn Avenue, Sunderland.

Emergency services are attending the scene. Further updates to follow.”

Susan Shepherd, gas blast victim who had a miracle escape after "a fridge saved her life".

Susan Shepherd, gas blast victim who had a miracle escape after “a fridge saved her life”.

The North East Ambulance Service confirmed: “We have been made aware of an incident at a private address on Rosslyn Avenue in Ryhope, Sunderland.

“We have resources on scene dealing with the incident and will provide more updates later here.”

A spokesperson for North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust said: “Working with our emergency service colleagues we rescued and treated one patient suffering burns who was in a series but stable condition.

“We have taken the casualty to the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary by paramedic ambulance with the GNAAS doctor on board.”

The 40-year-old blast victim named locally as mum-of-two Susan Shepherd had a miracle escape after “a fridge saved her life”, it was claimed today (fri).

Her sister Tracy Judson, 52, posted on Facebook that “there must be a god somewhere” following the catastrophic blast which toppled her home.

Tracy confirmed that Susan had been airlifted to hospital after suffering burns – but her life had been saved due to a fridge falling on her during the explosion.

Tracy posted on Ryhope community Facebook page: “To everyone concerned about the explosion in Roslyn ave, there must be a god somewhere.

“How the hell can anyone survive that explosion, my sister Susan has been airlifted to hospital.

“She was conscious and talking – that’s all I know for now.

“Thanks for everyone’s kind words. Her daughter was with her dad.”


SWNS_SUNDERLAND_EXPLOSION_15Tracy went on to say Susan had burns to her “back, face and arms” and said she spoke to the hospital who were putting her sister in intensive care.

She added: “The fridge fell on top of her and saved her life.

“She’s absolutely fine under the circumstances, she’s got minor burns to her back, face and arms and her might need stitching thank god.”

Susan’s niece Jacqueline Seamen, 38, was shocked after being told mum-of-two Susan had been the only victim of the explosion.

NHS Head Chef Jacqueline, who lives around the corner from Susan, said: “I was walking up the stairs and I said to my daughter have you dropped my iPad?

“And she said no, and I thought nothing of it, until I went to work and found out it was Susan.

“Susan has got burns on her hands and body I think, I’m still waiting on more information to be honest.

Jacqueline said Susan’s nine-year-old daughter would have also been staying at the property, but instead was luckily “having a sleepover at her dad’s house”.

She added that Susan’s eldest child, a 19-year-old son, had also been out the house at the time.

Asked about Susan, Jacqueline said: “Susan is lovely, she honestly is. She is so polite and would do anyone for anything.

“I’m so pleased she’s alive – not many people would have survived something like that.”

She added: “You dread what to think if the daughter had been there.

“Susan had loads of rubble on top of her and had burns on her hands and body, but she’s stable now – she’s going to be ok.”

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