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Nowadays there has been an increase in tourism and people traveling abroad. Among the reasons for this increase is the rise in low-cost flights and the social media popularity that leads people to look for beautiful places to take nice photos.

This last reason is increasingly popular as everyone wants to have their postcard picture in Instagram next to The Eiffel Tower or the Empire State and multiply their likes. It is a totally respectable fact but many people criticise it for being too superficial.

Rebelling against this way of travelling has expanded; groups of people who don’t like this vacuous travelling experience have appeared, and what they seek is knowing the local personality and traditions in each site. Perhaps visiting places off the beaten track.

Out of the social media ashes has risen websites and applications that offer a room or a sofa, free of charge, to meet people and share the experience. This system is a way of exchanging the culture between host and guest and allows you to know the place you visit more deeply.

There are people who have even found love in this type of experience. Possibly a person capable of giving his sofa to a stranger is closer to your lifestyle. In addition, many people are very interested to explore the exotic experience of other types of physical features and personalities; this is certainly a very good way.

Sleeping in a hotel and taking your photo with the coliseum in Rome is fine, but perhaps this alternative style of travel will bring you more exciting experiences.

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