A British technology firm has launched a free eBook which advises companies on how to effectively manage staff absence

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Honeydew Health has developed robust systems to minimise staff absence, which is the second-highest people-related cost for businesses after salaries.

The firm’s cutting-edge software includes absence reporting, trackers to harvest essential data on absence, and holiday management tools.

Now the eBook – ‘How to make absence management easy’ – gives advice on how to navigate the complexities of absence management and tips and tools to achieve better attendance.

Malene Nielsen, Managing Director of Honeydew Health, said: “Following on from the annual publication of the CIPD/Simply Health absence management survey last week, we feel that many companies are still trying to find their feet when it comes to effective absence management.

“With such a small survey base for the CIPD/Simply Health survey we would argue that the real absence costs are significantly higher, but the companies facing these issues don’t have the time to respond to long surveys.

“They are too busy fighting the problems in their own organisations.

“This is why our detailed eBook is a timely piece of practical and implementable advice, which we hope many UK businesses will benefit from.”

Honeydew Health works with a range of organisations from multinationals such as Cathay Pacific to small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 250 staff.

Their eBook helps companies to formulate clear absence goals and policies and create a good culture for absence management.

It gives systematic advice on how to implement the policy in practice, dealing with daily issues such as how to conduct Return to Work interviews and absence review meetings.

It also looks at how you deal with more complex absence management issues and is therefore a useful handbook for any company interested in dealing with their absence management more professionally.

Malene added: “The annual survey clearly showed that there is a need for a greater focus on both calculating costs, but also determining what the real absence levels are.

“In order to do this it’s necessary to have a clear and consistent absence policy in place and to collect the data in a consistent and timely manner to allow companies to analyse them as quickly as possible.

“This will also help identify where there is a need for action, e.g. in the form of an Occupational Health (“OH”) intervention or whether the policy is working as intended. Greater focus on the data collection will help yield significant results in both the short and the long term.”

The eBook is available to download at: http://www.absencehub.com/download-the-ultimate-guide-to-absence-management/

Organisations can sign up for a free 30-day tril through the Absence Hub (http://www.absencehub.com/) page.

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