WATCH – Heartbreaking Video Shows Moment Baby Of Hit And Run Coma victim Hears Dad’s Voice

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This moving video shows the moment a baby son of a hit and run coma victim hears his dad’s voice – while he fights for life in hospital.

Three month-old Noah is fussing on the sofa and about to break into tears before the recording of Jason Bunce is played to him.

Jason, 25, is in a coma and police are still hunting the callous driver who left him for dead at the roadside.

Little Noah’s mood suddenly calms when he hear’s his dad’s soothing voice for the first time since the accident.

His mother Ashleigh Ackerley puts a phone beside him and plays a recording of Jason speaking to Noah before the crash.

Ashleigh Ackerley with her 12-week-old baby Noah at their home in Kingsteignton, Devon.

Ashleigh Ackerley with her 12-week-old baby Noah at their home in Kingsteignton, Devon.

Jason is heard asking his son: “Are you having fun?” and Noah immediately goes quiet.

Ashleigh, 28, of Kingsteignton, Devon, said she released the emotional footage so Noah would not forget the sound of her partner’s voice.

She said: “It was for Noah and for when Jase does get out of hospital. It is so his son recognises his voice and doesn’t forget him.

“There is no change in his condition, he is still critical, but we just wanted to make sure, Noah still remembers what he sounds like.

“I think Noah is starting to miss his dad. I think he’s starting to notice that he’s not there.”

Self-employed fisherman Jason was hit by a car after a night out with friends in Kingsteignton on April 8 and suffered multiple injuries.

The driver fled the scene and has still not been caught.

Jason is in an induced coma in intensive care and remains in a critical condition. His family say his survival chances are 50-50.

His mum Kaz said: “He’s in critical condition still, still fighting for his life. It can still go either way.

“He’s not responding when they take his medication down, he can’t hold his own pressure in his brain which means they have to re-sedate him and paralyze him so that his brain is resting completely.

Ashleigh Ackerley with her partner Jason Bunce

Ashleigh Ackerley with her partner Jason Bunce

“He’s in a really dark place, as the rest of us are.

“We’re not holding up. We’re trying to.

“Everybody is there for each other, as much as possible. We’re all supporting each other.

“If anybody has got problems, we’re sorting them through rather than letting them lie, but our main concern is Jason.

“We just want him home.”

Jason Bunce with his son Noah.

Jason Bunce with his son Noah.

Kaz urged the ‘cowards’ responsible for Jason’s injuries to come forward so her son can get justice.

He struck by a small silver car, possibly a darker colour, which was travelling in the direction of Fore Street.

Police have released a CCTV image which shows a dog walker they would like to speak to.

Inspector Rich McLellan said: “It’s possible someone knows who did this.

“There is a young man seriously injured who remains in a critical condition and I would urge them to contact us.”

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