5 Reasons to Do Your MBA Online Instead of On Campus

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A Masters in Business Administration – or MBA as it’s most usually referred to – is without a doubt one of the most prestigious qualifications anyone hoping to reach the upper echelons in business can have. To even start an MBA, you already need several years of ‘real world’ professional experience, so that you can understand the concepts talked about on the course as they relate to real businesses, rather than the theoretical scenarios an undergraduate in business has to work with.

Of course, that means that by the time you are ready to do your MBA, you are in your late twenties or early thirties (or perhaps even older), and may well have far more commitments than the average student. Whether it’s kids, a mortgage, or just wanting to stay in your job, studying full time on campus may not be something you can do, or want to do. Fortunately, online MBA programs provide the answer, and with good universities like North Eastern now offering them, there are plenty of reasons to pick this option. Here are just five:

It’s Cheaper

If the thought of getting into more student debt leaves you cold, then an online MBA degree is going to cost you far less. You won’t need to pay for accommodation or lots of travel, your materials will all be available online, and tuition itself is cheaper too.

It’s Seen as Just as Good By Modern Employers

Recent studies have shown that where you got your degree or masters is no longer that important to employers, but the knowledge you’ve gained is. The perception that going to a physical campus is better is one that has almost completely died out as people recognize how online universities now allow more people to get the qualifications employers want.

You Can Keep Working

With an online MBA, you can fit your studying around your job. You may need some time off to study close to exams or to travel to take them, but if your employer is one who is keen to invest in people they are likely to be supportive of you doing the MBA and come to arrangements to help you. Some companies will even pay for you to do it!

It’s Easier On Your Family Life

If you have children or a partner, home or pets you don’t really want to be away from most of the time, then an online MBA allows you to study at home, even if you aren’t working while you do. This can make it a great thing for stay at home moms and dads who plan to return to the workforce when their kids start school.

You Still Get to Network

One of the best things about an MBA is the connections you make, and this is actually the same with online university, where you will be put in contact with other students and have ways to talk to them as you go through the course.

These are just five great reasons to consider getting your MBA online

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