£100,000 of plastic surgery changed my life – and now I want more!

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When Nicola Stratton won an incredible plastic surgery makeover worth £100,000 she had no idea just how much it would change her life… And now her heart’s set on getting even more!

£100,000 of plastic surgery changed my life - and I still want more!

To other people Nicola lived a glamorous life flying around the world as an air hostess. However, underneath her confident exterior she felt frumpy, old for her age and unhappy with her body.

“I’ve never been a wallflower but I was always very self-conscious about my body and felt unattractive,” says Nicola, now 36.

“I would say I felt unhappy with 70 per cent of my body and I was most unhappy about the size of my chest.”

Working alongside impeccably-groomed women left her feeling “like an ugly duckling amongst swans,” and flying took its toll on her face and body.

her body hang-ups also affected her relationship with hubby Kirk, a steelworker. Nicola could barely bring herself to undress in front of him and had no confidence in the bedroom.

Then one day in 2005 she spotted a newspaper advert for a TV makeover show, and immediately sent off her application.

To her amazement she was chosen from 4,000 people to take part in Channel Five’s Brand New You programme and was flown to California to meet cosmetic surgeons.

They offered to perform a whopping £100,000 worth of surgery on her and Nicola was over the moon.

She not only received a boob job to boost her cleavage to a 36DD, but also underwent a facelift, earpinning, lipo, collagen implants, teeth whitening, laser eye surgery and face sculpturing.

“I had much more surgery than I thought I’d have but it was worth it. I loved my new figure,” she says.

For the grand finale the TV show arranged a surprise ceremony for Nicola to renew her wedding vows with Kirk.

But Nicola’s surgery had some unexpected consequences. She claims it gave her the confidence to realise her marriage was not making her happy, and just a few weeks after the cameras stopped filming her relationship with Kirk broke down.

Her friends and family were happy for her and Nicola found single life suited her. She began experimenting with her look, trying new make-up, high heels and dyeing her hair.

Armed with her new-found confidence, Nicola got chatting to scaffolder Andy while on a girls’ holiday in Tenerife and the pair hit it off immediately.

“I never thought I’d meet anyone like him. He is gorgeous and very outgoing. Before the surgery I would have thought he would be out of my league. He is so good for me and treats me like a queen.”

But last year one of her saline breast implants ruptured.

“I was advised to have them both removed but I couldn’t bear to lose them so I saved £5000 to have another boob job.

“I joked to my friends ‘I want more than Demi Moore’ – she’s spent £266K and I’m almost half way there! I love the looks and lifestyle of the footballers’ WAGS and now I have a body to match them.

“I love Alex Curran’s body. I want my boobs to stay like hers.”

Nicola has even found the strength to ditch her confidence-sapping old job and dedicated her life to something much more worthwhile, training to be a prison warden.

“My life is great since I had the surgery. I’ve got a new job, a new man, a new home. Everything has changed for the better.”

“Andy and I are hoping to get married soon. I swore after my first marriage ended that I would never get married again but Andy has changed my views on that.

“We’re going to go to Las Vegas and do it one day on the spur of the moment. I’d love to have children with Andy but we are going to wait until I’ve settled properly into my job.”

At the back of her mind Nicola still thinks there is room for improvement in how she looks.

“I am happy, although I may consider having some liposuction on my inner thighs as they are a bit wobbly and I’ve promised myself when I hit 40 I am going to get my eyes lifted again as a birthday treat.

“I wouldn’t go back to the old me – never in a million years!”

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  1. Bob says:

    If that’s her then that’s one of the best bits of plastic I’ve ever seen!

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