⅓ Undecided on how to vote in the EU Referendum

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referendum⅓ of voters are still undecided on how to vote in the UK’s upcoming EU Referendum, according to Pollstation – the company behind the UK’s first website to combine a neutral and informative Referendum briefing and open poll.

Pollstation commissioned two surveys over a three week period – both of which revealed that ⅓ of people are still undecided.

The large number of undecided voters reveals the scale of the challenge for both sides of the debate.

“Our surveys confirm there are still many people yet to be convinced one way or the other, and ultimately it’s these people who will go on to tip the balance and determine whether the UK remains in – or leaves the EU”, observes Pollstation’s Founder, Luke Wheeler. “The fact that so many haven’t made up their minds really underlines the need for quick and accessible referendum facts, news, and views – from a trusted and neutral source.”

The surveys put “Remain” ahead, with the most recent finding that 35% support staying in the EU, and 32% support leaving the EU. However it’s the “Undecided” share of the vote that is most consistent (33%), and is large enough to be the key to the final outcome.

When the Conservatives won the General Election and the prospect of an EU Referendum became a reality, Wheeler teamed up with freelance journalist Cass Horowitz – and together they set about researching the viability of building a neutral content-rich site dedicated to the EU referendum.

As Horowitz explains:  “Countless people told us that, although they were interested in the EU debate, they were being put off by the spin and the lack of reliable information on both sides. They wanted somewhere they could go to read the facts on all aspects of the UK’s relationship with the EU. On our site they can read a full and fair briefing on all the major aspects of the debate, they can vote in our open poll, as well as find the latest news, exclusive viewpoints, blogs and more. We have created a ‘one-stop-shop’ – a handy, reliable source of information on everything to do with the referendum to help the many many people who are still undecided, as well as those who are hungry for more detail.”

Pollstation’s research revealed the largest number of undecided voters are in the 45-64 age group and perhaps more surprisingly the 18-24s, who are also the most supportive for remaining in the EU. “There’s only a handful of online publications with sufficiently broad appeal to successfully engage all age groups – as well as both sides of the political spectrum. Our EU referendum website and our upcoming multi-issue website & app intend to do just that – to provide concise, factual, neutral and accessible information on the big issues – and a platform for everyone’s point of view”, said Wheeler.

In its beta release, the site has thus far attracted exclusive viewpoints and encouragement from a swathe of MPs, political influencers, commentators and business people. Those providing exclusive viewpoints include Alastair Campbell, Paddy Ashdown, JML Founder – John Mills, Stuart Rose, and the MPs John Redwood and Kate Hoey. The site has also attracted more than 11,000 UK voters to its open poll.

Pleased with the interest the site has attracted thus far, Horowitz, adds that “As an independent site which isn’t backed by any group or pursuing any agenda, [our] early traction is most welcome and is a testament to the hard work we’ve put in. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on – and especially if you are undecided – our analysis breaks down the key areas of the debate and can help you to work out what’s important in this debate and what is not. Everyone in the UK has a vote – and we want more people to be well informed when it comes to actually placing their vote in June.”

Pollstation’s EU referendum microsite can be found at: www.pollstation.uk.

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