Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand

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Is fashion reflected in lifestyle, or vice versa? The answer to this question differs depending on the person answering it due to the objectivity behind it. Undoubtedly, something all answers have in common is that they are the result of an intriguing question, a question that draws attention. Do people who do not care about…

Book Review : Bounty of a Stolen Empire, by Martin Cohen

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mc fc Bounty of a Stolen Empire (1)

A truly ‘novel’ romantic novel, Bounty of a Stolen Empire is a sharply-written, wryly humorous book that tells the real-life story of Marguerite, Countess of Blessington – one of the most remarkable women of her time but shamefully forgotten by history. Born Margaret Power in 1789, our heroine, begins her tumultuous life in a chaotic,…

How To Get Fit Without Joining A Gym

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We all know just how important it is to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. The more you exercise, the more you reduce your risk of illness, disease, and obesity. On top of that, a regular workout can make you happier too! Of course, just because you want to get fit, doesn’t necessarily mean that…

How Salons Can Increase Their Customer Loyalty

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The success of a hair salon depends on the number of people that keeps your beauty chair filled. Focusing on getting new clients is a good idea but not the most practical. For one, retaining customers costs less. This industry, however, has a high customer churn rate. That is to say, gaining new customers is…

The Best Music Streaming Services

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With physical sales continuing to decline year on year, streaming services have rapidly expanded to fill the void vacated by the CD. In return for a monthly fee (or none at all), streaming services present customers with the ability to listen to pretty much any music ever created, as much, or as little, as they…

Real-Life Snow White Visited By Baby Bird She Rescued Every Day For Two Years

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Dina Theissen, 47, found tiny Gracie the blue jay near a tree in her garden when he was only a few hours old.

Digital fleet management breakthrough

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GPSLive Fleet – Fleet Management Software has been launched to help businesses manage their vehicles on the digital platform Rewire Security, UK’s GPS Tracking experts have launched their fleet management software to provide business a new tool for managing their fleet easily – GPSLive Fleet cloud based GPS tracking software. Rewire Security has launched their…

Britain’s Most Annoying Boyfriend Bombarded His Long-Suffering Girlfriend With Hilarious Puns

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Annoying boyfriend Callum Kelly and his long suffering girlfriend Roxie Alves. See National News story NNANNOY; Britain’s most annoying boyfriend has claimed his girlfriend loves his stunts - despite getting frustrated. Callum Kelly, 29, films clips of himself winding up his long-term girlfriend Roxie Alves, 27, with bad puns and props. He filmed a new video while on holiday in Ponte de Blaca, Portugal last week. In the footage, he tells Roxie "stop treating me like a dummy" in front of a shop mannequin, and "you're driving me crazy" as a car passes.

Callum Kelly, 29, films clips of himself winding up his long-term girlfriend Roxie Alves, 27, with bad puns and props – and this time took his tirade abroad.

Patient Wait Times and the Debate Surrounding A&E Closures

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The NHS has long been under scrutiny about the level of care its hospital trusts provide to patients. New data has prompted countless concerns regarding wait times for those seeking urgent medical attention more frequently in recent months. A new report details that wait time targets in accident and emergency units (A&E) around the country…

MY LITTLE PONY – Pet Owner Reunited With Beloved Pony She Owned As A Child 20 YEARS Ago

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Naomi and her pony John Willy Parker at home in Chartley, Staffordshire. ©Steve Bardens SWNS

Naomi Baskerville , 26, first met Shetland pony ‘John Willy Parker’ at a local riding school when she was just six-years-old.

WE FIT! Britain’s Fittest Family Are ALL International Triathletes

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L to R: Martin Rogers, 50, Charlotte, 22, Tabby, 21, and Oscar, 17, who are all triathletes and are competing for Great Britain.

Martin Rogers, 51, will be joined by his three children – Charlotte, 22, Tabby, 21, and Oscar, 17 – at the event in Rotterdam on September 17.

Adorable Video Shows Moment Young Boy Finally Gets Shark Inside Kinder Egg After Eight Months Of Trying

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Jayden Lakey finally gets the Kinder surprise shark which has has hunted for eight months.

Little Jayden Lakey, six, who is autistic, has been desperately searching for a plastic shark inside the chocolate treats since December – with no success.

Hilarious Pictures Show Moment Student Was Chased Around Forest By Angry Monkey

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Hilarious pictures show the moment a student Karima Nabi was chased through a park by an angry MONKEY in Trentham Monkey Forest in Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent.

Karima Nabi, 18, was trying to pose with the Barbary Macaque to take a picture to show her mum Falmah, 44.

Couple Baffled After Honey Started Leaking Through Their Roof Find Large Bee Hive In Attic

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The bees’ nest found in a grade II listed 18th Century house, in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

The swarm was discovered at the Grade II listed 18th Century house in Market Harborough, Leics., earlier this month.

Child Left “Heartbroken” After Being Banned From Play Centre For Swearing – Despite Suffering From Tourette’s Syndrome

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Little Charlie Binding.

Little Charlie Binding was ordered out of the activity centre after his neurological condition caused an uncontrollable outburst of “foul language”.

Scottish Ice Cream With Strongbow Dark Fruit And Blue WKD Flavours Has The World Licking Its Lips!

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Kyle Gentleman from ICE of Redding in Falkirk makes WKD, Strongbow and Monster energy drink flavoured ice creams.

Videos of the artisan ice cream being made have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

KOALA-TY-TIME! Little Koala Joey Cuddles Mum For First Time After Emerging From The Pouch

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These are the first heartwarming pictures of the UK's only koala joey cuddling its mum after emerging from her pouch at Edinburgh Zoo

Born in January to mum Alinga and dad Goonaroo, the new arrival to the UK’s only group of koalas was still curled up inside mum’s pouch until very recently.